George Lane - Lane Consultancy

Let’s face facts.

If this is your first visit here, you’ve probably never heard of me, what I do, or how I can help you.

So you may be wondering…

  • Who on earth is George Lane?
  • What’s he all about?
  • How can he help me and my business?

I’ll try to answer these reasonable (and quite common) questions…

“Who is George Lane and what is he all about?”

I’m George Lane and I used to be a plumber. I got into online marketing through sheer necessity to help turnaround my old struggling heating business.

When I did, things went well: business doubled, we picked up a local business award, and even got a little coverage in the Independent newspaper and on ITV.

Anyway, I soon realised online direct marketing was easier on the knees than plumbing, so I decided to hang up my pipe benders for good and apply the things I learned to help other businesses do well.

“How can he help me and my business?”

My aim is to help you get more sales for less money.

How do I do it? The theory is simple, but like most simple theories, putting it into practice can be quite complicated.

There are two parts:

The first part is to get the right people to visit your website as cheaply as possible.

The second part is to persuade more of your visitors to do something when they arrive on your website. Something profitable. Such as buying online or filling out an enquiry form. It’s a straight forward formula, but it works.

“What makes him different?”

If you search for marketing consultants, Adwords managers or anything similar online, you’ll get a long list of agencies (or self employed people trying to look like agencies) who offer very similar services.

So why choose me over the rest?

Here are a few reasons:

Because I’ve been running businesses since I was 21, I’m not a ‘wet behind the ears’ web designer who’s decided to dabble in marketing. I get you results.

Although I have areas of expertise, I don’t just focus on one thing – such as Adwords or Search Engine Optimisation. I look at your business and sales process as a whole, then make commonsense recommendations from there.

When you hire me, you get me. Not an office junior or a trainee. And if you need me, I’m only a phone call or email away. No need to hold for 10 minutes.

“Is he worth a try?”

I think I am, but then again, I’m biased.

So rather than having me waffle on and attempt to convince you, why not give my ideas a try for free?

Click here to get your free consultation.

If you like what I say perhaps we can work together. But if you don’t, you haven’t lost anything either.

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