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We are using George’s creativity and expertise with Google to generate good quality leads that are converting into real business. George is a leader in the field and so easy to do business with.

Dan Attfield
Director of Estate Planning at Affinity Wills Ltd

“I first met George when I decided to take the plunge with a Google adwords campaign.

I had heard great things about how it could generate hot leads for my karting business, but as a fool rushed in without taking professional advice.

3 weeks later I contacted George and hey presto!! Within a week he had reworked my whole campaign and the hot leads came flooding in.

In the first 3 months we increased turnover by 33% and have not looked back. We now receive over 800 leads a month through our adwords campaigns and we continue to grow despite the credit crunch.

If it is Google adwords advice you are looking for, look no further than George Lane.I have no hesitation in recommending George, both personally and professionally.”

Giles Murray
Owner at Lakeside Karting

You reduced our costs by about 80% almost overnight.

“You’re part of the reason why our business stayed above water.”

“…what you’ve done over the last 8 months, it’s really turned around – it’s been massively helpful.”

“…within a couple of weeks of the testing period ending, the results went through the roof.”

“Our cost per lead for remortgages now is down to nearly £25 per lead, which is fantastic. It was 70 to 80 quid at one point.”

“From our point of view, if you don’t know what you’re doing online, especially in the pay per click world, you can end up making yourself bankrupt if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Graham Wareham
My Money Advisor

I first met George Lane in early 2009 when a friend recommended I talk to him about an Adwords project I was struggling with.

It was in a highly competitive market where people were paying up to £20 a click, so I wanted to really make sure I got this right.

It quickly became apparent to me that George was an expert in lead generation and sales conversion.

And what George actually did for me was map out the whole of that market including competitors, top keywords and competitors landing pages, what was working, what wasn’t working for people and basically pointed me in the right direction for the whole campaign.

It was very very easy for me to set it up and know that I wasn’t going to blow through a whole load of money quickly and gave me a lot of confidence in what I was doing with that particular project.

So I’d recommend George to anybody that’s looking for help with their Adwords campaign, lead generation, sales conversion.He’s helped me out enormously. Thanks a lot.

Glen Crosier
Glen Crosier & Associates Ltd

We paid as high as $7 a click to get started and the guy we were working with said he wanted us in the first position and he wanted to throw as much money as he could at it to see what stuck and what we found is the money stuck on the wall – we didn’t get any sales!

We gave Google an absolute ton of money, it was just crazy.

And so when I had found out about you and you and I had our first conversation, we talked about how to start chopping down this cost, I was just totally amazed that that could even be done.

And it’s exactly what you did. We went from like paying $7 a click, all the way down to spending less than a dollar a click on some of these keywords, and it’s just awesome.

Couldn’t have done it without you, that’s for sure…I just don’t have the time or the patience to site there and watch this kind of thing, and it’s a science unto itself.

So my thought has always been if you can find somebody that plays at the stuff you struggle at, those are guys you want on your team, so I’m glad to have you on our team George.

Malton Schexneider

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