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"I Help Businesses Generate Fresh Leads And Win More Business Using Search Marketing And Conversion Rate Optimisation"

Results Based Marketing

Too many marketing companies over-promise but under-deliver.

Lane Consultancy is different because my fees are linked to you making money. So if your campaign doesn't make you money, I don't get paid.

This means I'm forced create campaigns that bring you amazing results and put money in your bank account.

Here are a few examples:​

Results From Previous Clients

Lakeside Karting

Problem: This established local go kart track wanted more sales, but found traditional marketing and their current website wasn't doing the job.

Solution: Researched and built an Adwords and landing page campaign targeting Essex and East London, while keeping this separate from the original website.

Outcome: After a few months of testing and optimisation, I generated between 800 to 1000 enquiries per month at a cost per enquiry of under £2. In month one, this added an extra £18,000 in sales and increased sales overall by approximately 30%

My Money Advisor

Problem: My Money Advisor was using Google Adwords to send people to their website that encouraged them to complete a form to get debt management advice. They would then sell this person's details to their partners for approximately £80 each. The problem was their current website and Adwords campaigns acquired these leads for over £80 on average, so they were losing money.

Solution: Carried out deep research into this highly competitive market. Avoided too much testing because Adwords cost per click was so high (£10-£20 per click). Discovered which of their competitors campaigns and pages had the best results and modelled the client's pages and campaigns on these. This was used as a base to carry out tests and refine the campaigns.

Outcome: Reduced cost per lead from over £80 to approximately £40, making the business profitable. Increased landing page conversion rate to approx 45%, compared to the average of 13%.

Direct LGV

Problem: Startup business who were generating and closing leads through cold calling. Website was generating about 7 leads a day, which wasn't enough for the sales team to work with.

Solution: Researched the market and discovered when people searched for LGV training, they would put their town and county in the search as well. The company's competitors were not aware of this, so we exploited this opportunity. I built a national Google Adwords campaign with ads and landing pages relevant to each town and county in the UK. I carried out A/B split tests on the ads and landing pages to optimise clicks and conversion rates.

Outcome: Generated approx 40 quality leads per day for a cost of less than £4 per lead. Over a 3 month period, sales went from £30,000/month to £100,000/month

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